11 January 2021

New Student Paper Published – Climate and Energy Jean Monnet Programme

For the second year in a row, the best student paper of the Master course of the Transatlantic University Collaboration in Climate Change and Energy Law (TUCCCEL) has been published. This paper is the result of TUCCCEL’s focus on research-based teaching. During the course, students in the three locations are organized into “teams” to collaboratively write a paper, the best of which is presented at a conference and published in an international journal.

Read the best student papers here:

TUCCCEL is a pilot venture supported by the Jean Monnet Programme of the European Union, which the Faculty of Law is carrying out since 2019 with partners from the University of Denver, the University of Colorado and the University of Oslo. Its goal is to render new ideas for how best to approach climate change and energy-related issues and to spread the wealth of experience that is being learned on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. At the core of the project is the development of a course on comparative climate and energy law in the EU and the USA. This course is the first of its kind at the faculty, featuring innovative elements of internationalization and digitalization of education, and research-based teaching.

For more information visit the course website of the Transatlantic University Collaboration in Climate Change & Energy Law (TUCCCEL) and/or contact beatriz.martinez.romera@jur.ku.dk.