22 September 2021

New PhD project on Arctic Resilience and Law

Johanna Sophie Bürkert has started a three-year PhD project on nexusing socio-ecological arctic resilience and law from the 1 September 2021.

In the wake of climate change, the Arctic environment is changing rapidly, posing challenges to humans and the environment. While there is a vast amount of research being done in different domains (e.g. natural sciences, law, social sciences), connecting the individual domains and focusing on the combination of law and resilience is a novel approach, compared to the more governance-centered ideas that prevail in the literature.

The PhD project, supervised by Beatriz Martinez Romera, aims to provide an overview of different factors that can contribute to enhancing Arctic resilience by using interdisciplinary methods, and to assess whether the current legal framework supports or hinders arctic resilience. Herein, it aims to contribute to both academic debate, as well as the more practical regulatory work in the High North.