22 September 2021

Launch of Carlsberg Young Researcher Fellowship Project


As of 1 September 2021, two new researchers are joining the Center for International Law and Governance (CILG) as part of the project ‘International Law-Making: Actors in Shipping and Climate Change (InterAct)’ (PI Associate Prof. Beatriz Martinez Romera): Postdoc Viktor Weber and PhD student Ana Stella Ebbersmeyer.

In the course of the next three years, the research project will provide an account of the actors involved in the international law-making processes addressing climate change impacts of shipping, elucidating about their roles and the incentives, barriers, interactions and synergies for sustainable shipping.

InterAct's main objective will be addressed through two sub-projects, which deal with two convergent objectives: 1) Understanding the role of actors in law-making processes regarding market-based measures and technology and energy transition for international maritime transport (Postdoc Viktor Weber); and 2) Understanding the role of actors in the regulation of shipping induced climate change in the Arctic (PhD student Ana Stella Ebbersmeyer).

The project’s kick-off workshop will take place in December 2021.