27 October 2021

Karla Zambrano

Visiting Stay: August – September 2021

Karla Zambrano is a PhD candidate at the University of Valencia, Spain under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Valentín Bou Franch. In her thesis, she examines the role of the European Union in the international climate legal negotiations.

Karla holds a Fellowship supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Universities and she is a lecturer of Public International Law and International Environmental Law at the University of Valencia. She has been a visiting researcher at the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Governance (C-EENRG) of the University of Cambridge during 2020-2021, and she has been accepted as visiting researcher in 2021 at the Institut de recherche en droit international et européen de la Sorbonne (IREDIES),in the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France. She has also been appointed as a European Union Climate Pact Ambassador until 2022.

As part as her stay at CILG, she presented her research at the IV Interdisciplinary Seminar on Climate, Energy and Sustainability.