27 October 2021

Diego Padilla Lobos

Visiting Stay: September – November 2021

Diego Padilla Lobos is an Associate Doctoral Student at the Centre for Studies on Justice and Society and a PhD candidate at the Sociology Institute, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He has a Master in Sociology from the same university and he is a clinical psychologist. Before entering academia, Diego has served as an assistant lecturer in counselling and worked in Chilean public settings for almost ten years. While working directly with young criminal offenders, he has developed his research questions concerning criminology.

In his PhD project, he investigates Chile as the “first experiment with neoliberal state formation”, including the values and goals in young males who committed property crimes and compares them with the perspective of business students, articulating Chilean critical sociology with cultural criminology. While his current study is qualitative, he has also investigated inequality, trust, and ontological insecurity in Latin American contexts through quantitative methodologies.

At CILG, he is conducting a research stay under the supervision of Prof. Keith John Hayward.