30 November 2021

Copenhagen Ocean Hub launch


On the 10th of November 2021, the Copenhagen Ocean Hub was launched.

The hub is an interdisciplinary initiative of the University of Copenhagen that aims at addressing the key societal, political and cultural issues that our oceans are facing, which is led by a steering committee, comprised of Christian Bueger (Political Science, co-chair), Carsten Jahnke (Saxo Institute, co-chair), Henrik Vigh (Anthropology, co-chair) and our Beatriz Martinez Romera (Law, co-chair).

The hub is formed by a community of 30 researchers from humanities, social sciences, law and sciences. The Hub continues a rich tradition of human-centred ocean research in the University of Copenhagen and provides a platform for a number of ongoing research projects (funded by, among others, the European Research Council, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Carlsberg Foundation, or Velux Foundation).

Find out more by visiting the website: https://oceanhub.ku.dk/