12 October 2020

‘Vedvarende energi og EU’s grønne pagt’ in Juristen

Alessandro Monti, Visiting Researcher at the CILG, Beatriz Martinez Romera, Associate Professor at CILG and Jeppe Mejer Kjelgaard, Attorney at Kromann Reumert have published “Vedvarende energi og EU’s grønne pagt” in Juristen.


This paper analyzes the European Green Deal, which along with the recent proposal for the first EU Climate Law, sets the EU on a path towards carbon neutrality by 2050 and reinforces the EU’s position as global leader in climate action. The achievement of such commitments requires a radical transformation in numerous economic sectors. Energy policies, in particular, need to be aligned with the objectives of decarbonization and support a transition to renewable sources. In this regard, the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework has set the target of a 32 % renewable energy share in overall EU consumption by 2030, laying the foundations for the development of the European Green Deal. This article provides an analysis of the EU legal framework for the promotion of renewable energy, with a special focus on current Danish policies.


The authors would like to thank Juristen and Djøf Forlag for their support.