21 December 2020

New Sustainability Project: Carlsberg Grant awarded to CILG

Professor Kristian Lauta (CILG) has received a Research Infrastructure grant (partner) of DKK ~0,46 mio. (JUR share) from the Carlsberg Foundation for the project ‘SSH and Sustainable Business: Building a database for SSH impact on sustainability in private sector companies to Professor’ (PI: Steffen Dalsgaard, ITU).

The project aims at building an open access database on 1: references to sustainability among Danish companies, and 2: the forms of expertise involved in defining and addressing sustainability in these companies. In this way it addresses a knowledge gap by studying the extent to which SSH expertise is applied outside of academia for purposes of building sustainable solutions.

This will lay the foundation for future research into sustainability initiatives in the Danish private sector, how specific forms of SSH expertise is applied and integrated in practice in different types of companies, and how SSH expertise can be leveraged for sustainability purposes.