9 April 2019

Maas invited to Danish MFA for ‘TechVelopment’ consultation

Matthijs Maas visits Ministry of Foreign Affairs for discussion of ‘technology in the service of public goods’

Matthijs MaasOn April 4th, Matthijs Maas, PhD Fellow at the AI-LeD research group, contributed to a consultation session at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The session saw a range of experts from Danish universities and human rights institutions provide early input on an evaluation and opportunity study. This study will be aimed at exploring aspects and uses of (digital) technology in Danish development assistance, in light of the priorities recently presented by the Government of Denmark in its strategy “Techvelopment: approach and narrative tech and digitalisation in Danish development cooperation in 2019”.

The invitation follows on Maas’s recent contribution, in February, to a ‘proposal for international AI Governance’ submitted to the UN High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation.