22 August 2019

AI-LeD to run Techfestival event ‘Human Rights, Human Values and AI’

After a successful and engaging event last year, the Artificial Intelligence and Legal Disruption research group will return to the 2019 Copenhagen Techfestival to organize a session on ‘Human Rights, Human Values and AI’. The team invites a broad audience for an engaging public conversation at the intersection of AI and human rights.

Date & Venue: Thursday September 5th, 13.00-15.00. Venue 5E in Meatpacking District.

Event summary:

While the proliferation of AI into society has raised widespread ethical concerns, the discussions concerning the problems and prospects of human rights and human values in the age of AI has not kept pace. We neglect these questions at our peril, as AI may usher in an era whereby fundamental protections are circumvented or become obsolete as these technologies alter the threat profile. Conversely, we may also miss the opportunity to enhance human well-being with an overly narrow focus placed upon contemporary conceptions of human rights. AI will also undoubtedly reorient human values, such that it becomes necessary to frame worlds that we would like to build and live in with AI and to initiate these discussions during this critical window of opportunity.

Speakers will lead public discussion on some of the following topics:

-Hin-Yan Liu: The digital disruption of human rights foundations

-Sue Anne Teo: AI and Human Rights.

-Matthijs Maas: AI governance, and human rights and values

-Andrew Mazibrada: SF perspectives and approaches to human rights and values

For more information, and to register, please see: https://techfestival.co/event/human-rights-ai/

General information about the Techfestival is found at: https://techfestival.co/