CArGo Conference on Transitions in Climate Arctic Governance


Global warming is felt at an accelerated speed in the Arctic environment, affecting people and ecosystems alike. Due to the increasingly visible local effects, as well as the importance of the region for the entire globe (e.g. reduced albedo effect enhancing global warming), there is an urgent interest for inter- and multidisciplinary research on Arctic issues.

The conference aims to explore the different transitions within Arctic climate governance, which are necessary to address the increasing societal, climate and sustainability challenges the Arctic is facing. The conference will focus on Arctic socio-economic systems and the different legal, political, geographical and cultural regimes at play. In particular, the conference centers on the Arctic governance landscape, paying specific attention to the current geopolitical situation. Further, it will examine the topics of Arctic shipping, climate vulnerability, and natural resources in the Arctic.

The conference is organized around three thematic sessions:

  • Setting the Scene: Climate Arctic Governance
  • Climate Vulnerability and Resilience
  • Arctic Resources and Activities

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