Lunch seminar with Dr Christopher Kinsey

Abstract: “My research focuses on the role and impact of contractors in 21st Century Warfare. Since publishing my first book ‘Corporate Soldiers’ in 2006, which focused on the rise of armed contractors/mercenaries in war, my research has expanded to include all types of contractors that participate/support military forces in war today. The inclusion of these groups of civilian contractors in warfighting is in many respects the result of a transformation in the character of warfare that state militaries, particularly in the West, are struggling to cope with. For governments, military contractors are seen as the answer to emerging socio/political and economic challenges that were absent during the Cold War. The problem is, governments often face competing economic, social and political demands from the population on the nation’s resources. This is the case with generating military capabilities, especially for the purpose of interventions.  Often, military necessity takes a back seat to social priorities, such as education and welfare. This means in an international system dominated by nebulous state and nonstate threats, countries run the risk undermining their security. How governments should manage this environment is the focus of this main paper.”

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