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29 April 2012

New Ph.D.-project at CIIR on trademarks and digital media

On 1 April 2012 Knud Wallberg, attorney-at-law, Wallberg IP Advice, began work on his Ph.D.-thesis: "The use of others? trademarks in the digital media."


The rapidly increasing e-trade and m-trade has led to a situation where the use of others trademarks has become an important commercial and legal issue for not only the trade mark holders but also for the advertisers, the providers of on-line advertising services and the consumers. Despite the recent rulings by the ECJ in the Google AdWords cases and in the L´Oreal vs. ebay case, a number of legal issues in relation to the use of others trademarks in the digital media remains unsettled.

The overall aim of this thesis to analyse which functions trademarks serve on the present day market, and to analyse whether and to what extent these functions are recognized by the present trademark legislation in the EU, or whether changes need to be made in the legislation in order to accommodate to the need of having a trade mark law that properly balances the legitimate interest of the various stakeholders.