Minssen & Nordberg speaking on Gene Editing at COST Action IS1303 (CHIPME) Final Conference – University of Copenhagen

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01 September 2017

Minssen & Nordberg speaking on Gene Editing at COST Action IS1303 (CHIPME) Final Conference

Prof. Timo Minssen and Postdoctoral fellow Ana Nordberg will give a presentation on ‘Gene editing: legal and regulatory considerations’.

This presentation is a follow up on work developed in the 2016 interfaculty project BioSYNergy. Based on such previous work, Minssen & Nordberg focus on debating regulatory and intellectual property law questions in gene editing. The presentation will elaborate on existing rules applicable to gene editing (Human rights treaties, IP law rules and medical/pharma regulations). This legal analysis was built incorporating diverse interdisciplinary contributes and discussions concerning the scientific state of the art and future perspective, philosophical analysis concerning the precautionary principle, and the dual use problem and also debates on science communication, social perception and public debate.

The conference in NUI Galway, will adress the impact of recent innovations in the field of genomics and emerging challenges with regard to the following some central themes explored on this research network during the last four years. For more information see program.

Launched in Brussels in November 2013, the CHIPME COST Action is a network centred around nationally funded research projects. CHIPME has focussed on bringing together a multidisciplinary team of experts on ethical, legal and social issues with regard to rapidly evolving developments in genetic testing and research, sharing of personal health data through advanced information communication technology, development of new forms of public-private health initiatives, consumer genetics and public health, on engagement and participation between scientists, clinicians, medical practitioners, IT experts, policy-makers, academics and the general public.