13 April 2021

Webinars on IPR in times of crisis: Thoughts from the ATRIP-bubbles

The Faculty of Law and ATRIP (The International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property) are hosting two webinars on IPR in time of crisis. The webinars will take place on May 20th and June 29th.

Several speakers will be giving their thoughts on topics such as "Patents and proportionality: a European perspective" and "Implications of COVID-19 for Intellectual Property" among others.

Participation is open to all and free of charge but registration is required.

Program and registration for the 1st webinar at: https://jura.ku.dk/ciir/english/calendar/2021/ipr-in-times-of-crisis-thoughts-from-the-atrip-bubbles/
Program and registration for the 2nd webinar at: https://jura.ku.dk/ciir/english/calendar/2021/ipr-in-times-of-crisis-thoughts-from-the-atrip-bubbles-2nd-webinar/