16 December 2020

CIIR researcher advises European Commission on Digital Services Act

Digital globe

The Digital Services Act, presented today, represents a major development in European internet regulation.

In connection with preparatory works, Sebastian Schwemer, Associate Professor at CIIR, has been rapporteur on an expert workshop regarding the role of the DNS, i.e. infrastructure services, in relation to tackling illegal content online earlier this year.

Furthermore, in the summer of 2020, Sebastian has led a study on the “Legal analysis of the intermediary service providers of non-hosting nature”. Together with Professor Tobias Mahler and technical expert Håkon Styri, the team has looked at various legal questions surrounding less-studied intermediaries and functions in the technology stack, such as VPNs, search engines, content delivery networks, cloud processing and content adaptation proxies, caching, DNS, IP and protocols, WIFI hotspots, and live-streaming.

EU Report and link to report

The report can be accessed here