24 October 2018

New article on unlawful internet content in Oxford's IJILT

An article by Sebastian Schwemer, recently made available as advance article in the International Journal of Law and Information Technology (Oxford University Press), looks at the role of a specific internet intermediaries, domain registries, in light of unlawful content.

Until recently, domain names have not been very topical in online content debates. Instead, the regulatory focus has been on other intermediaries at the infrastructure or application layer, such as internet access service providers or online platforms like Facebook or Youtube. In this article, the author looks at recent developments regarding the (secondary) liability of domain registries and registrars.

The article is part of an industrial research project financed by the Danish Internet Forum (DIFO) and the Danish Innovation Fund.

Sebastian Felix Schwemer, On domain registries and unlawful website content, International Journal of Law and Information Technology, eay012, 12 October 2018, https://doi.org/10.1093/ijlit/eay012