22 November 2018

Jens Schovsbo has co-edited a book on design law

Jens Schovsbo has co-edited a book on design law. The EU Design Approach – A Global Appraisal by Annette Kur, Marianne Levin and Jens Schovsbo has been published by Edward Elgar. The book explores the rationale behind the creation of the Approach; including contributions from two leading EU scholars who were involved in its conception. The contributing authors provide an assessment of the impact that the Design Approach has had on present EU laws, national law systems and adjacent areas of law including copyright and competition law. Chapters also explore more problematic issues associated with the Approach such as: the role of design law in the wider EU framework for the protection of product shapes, and the balancing of interests between rights holders and users. Overall, this book demonstrates that the Design Approach has been largely successful in its aims despite there being some ongoing points of contention.

Read more about the book here.