Comparing Constitutional Developments

Several of the members of CECS work on issues dealing with constitutional developments and comparisons in a global, Middle Eastern and European context. Taking a broader perspective on constitutional law, both geographically and disciplinary, the centre is interested in the study of the interplay between different normative orders. In the European context, much of this interplay involves the relationship between national public law and the supranational influence stemming from the on-going integration process. In non-European contexts, this interplay is characterised by the influence of international norms on national constitutional developments, as tempered by the role of cultural and religious norms beyond the state. However, also comparative studies of constitutional legal orders and the formal and informal interplay between them are of interest to the centre. By studying constitutional normative texts in their social, political, cultural, religious and economic context, a fuller understanding of constitutional norms and developments is reached. Our research is therefore self-consciously inter-disciplinary but eschews easy shortcuts. We see our comparative advantage in research that draws its strength and persuasive force from the methodological tool of legal science, but is complemented by the methodological insights of other disciplines.