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25 July 2016

David Jenkins interviewed about Turkish emergency

The Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad has interviewed Associate Professor David Jenkins, who discusses President Erdogan’s declaration of a state of emergency in Turkey in response to the army’s recent coup d’état attempt. The article, “Det kræver høj politisk moral at gennemføre en undtagelsestilstand,” appeared in Kristeligt Dagblad on 22 July and can be accessed online at http://www.kristeligt-dagblad.dk/udland/det-kraever-hoej-politisk-moral-gennemfoere-en-undtagelsestilstand.

In this article (in Danish), Professor Jenkins explains the concept, justifications, and risks of a state of emergency, comparing the Turkish situation to that in France, where lawmakers just extended the emergency laws in force since the Paris terrorist attack of November 2015.

Prof. Jenkins is an American lawyer and recognized expert on security law, who has testified before the British Parliament, been cited in the Supreme Court of Canada, and appeared in international media. Along with his many other international publications, he has also co-edited a book with Oxford University Press, titled The Long Decade: How 9/11 Changed the Law.