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16 June 2015

New article on transnational intelligence sharing in the EU

The article “In the Unseen Realm: Transnational Intelligence Sharing in the European Union - Challenges to Fundamental Rights and Democratic Legitimacy”, Julia Ballaschk discusses the intelligence-sharing activities of actors not usually connected with “intelligence” activities: EU agencies and databases. Those actors stand for a general development of the intelligence landscape: they transgress the divide between “domestic” and “foreign” and rather than sharing “secrets”, their currency is personal information and intelligence from open sources.

Generally, the European Union has been heralded for its strict data protection rules and has been regarded as the constructive response to the liberal flaws of transnational intelligence networks. By discussing the examples of Europol and the Schengen Information System II, the article challenges that assumption and argues that in fact privacy and data protection are put under tremendous pressure through the networked character of the intelligence sharing activities.

The article is available through Lexis Nexis.