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21 February 2013

New article by Helle Krunke, CECS

Journal of European Public Policy 17Helle Krunke has published a new article entitled "Towards a complex matrix of new formal and informal ways of compensation of lost national powers to the EU". When a country enters the EU a change of institutional competences and identities appear. A new way of thinking institutions, competences, separation of powers and democracy becomes a reality. These concepts must be re-interpreted and rethought in a different context. Some general models for compensating for the national parliaments' lost position seems to have appeared. At the same time there seems to be a temporal dimension to these models. The article defines and explores the models and analyzes  the developments in the parliamentary influence on and control of EU policy. Finally, special challenges are presented. The article is published in the new book "Max Sørensen. 100 år".

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