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15 December 2015

Ebrahim Afsah joins the project "Internationalisation and Language Skills”

Reflections and teaching experiences from the international classroom

UCPH is currently undertaking a project on "Internationalisation and Language Skills,” hosted at the Centre for Internationalisation and Parallel Language Use. The aim of the project, funded by the University’s 2016 Pool for Educational Initiatives, is to develop a number of undertakings that can contribute to strengthening the international dimension of the learning environments across the University.

One particular initiative has been the production of a catalogue of practice, containing various professors’ perspectives and experiences in the ‘international classroom’. Based on his extensive teaching experience, Ebrahim Afsah was invited to participate in this project and contributed his views on the subject, which can be summarised as follows: 

“It is often said that bad English is the lingua franca of modern science and the boon it has provided to international collaboration is an unquestionable good. But the kind of inelegant but effective English spoken in a laboratory might be insufficient in the humanities and, especially, in law, where the world we create consists of words. Unlike the natural scientist, we cannot let the data speak for itself, so we need to accept that conversational fluency might not be enough for us to do our job as both teachers and students.”

More information on the project

The catalogue of practice can be accessed here