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22 August 2016

Frontex and Non-refoulement: book by Roberta Mungianu

Roberta Mungianu, member of the Centre for Comparative and European Constitutional Studies, at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen (CECS) has published a book on EU border control and refugee protection.

By navigating through the intricacies of Frontex’s structure and working methods, the book answers abiding questions: which circumstances would trigger European Union responsibility if violations were to occur in Frontex’s joint operations? What is the legal standing of the principle of non-refoulement in relation to Frontex’s activities? Can Frontex be entrusted with an exclusive search and rescue mandate? The book offers a theoretical and practical insight into the legislative intricacies of Frontex’s work, examining the responsibility of the EU and scrutinising the interaction of international law and EU law with a focus on the principle of non-refoulement.

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