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05 July 2013

Op-Ed European Voice Bart Van Vooren

EU foreign policy

Opinion Piece on ways for the EU's diplomatic service to leave behind its problematic birth

When the European External Action Service (EEAS) was established in 2010, it was agreed that its organisation and function would be reviewed by mid-2013 and, if need be, changed. In this opinion piece, Bart Van Vooren and Jan Wouters argue that three key steps are needed to help the service in attaining its objective for a stronger EU foreign policy: a ‘New Deal' between the Commission and the EEAS; stronger support for the EEAS on the part of member states; and the replacement of the target of budget neutrality with a more realistic focus on budgetary efficiency.

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By Jan Wouters and Bart Van Vooren  -  04.07.2013 / 03:40 CET (Only access for registred users)