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20 April 2015

CECS and CEP hold an event on a potential British Exit from the EU

Debate has taken place for decades within the United Kingdom on its relationship with the European Union. It is only now, when the incumbent British Prime Minister has promised, should his party be re-elected to Government, to put a question in the form of a referendum to the British public on the future of the UK in the European Union by 2017 that it is beginning to focus the minds of the wider world. The question that may be put to the people is provoking thorough public debate in Britain, yet the full implications is mostly yet to be wholly drawn out elsewhere.

In the midst of a general election cycle in the United Kingdom, the event afforded those in attendance, both speakers and attendees, to fully debate a whole range of issues if Britain was the to secede from the European Union. Such an act would have profound consequences for the EU itself and the future of the integration across the continent. Everyone would be affected in some way, shape or form.

The conference, hosted by two research centres from the University of Copenhagen; the Centre for Comparative and European Constitutional Studies at the Faculty of Law, and the Centre for European Politics at the Department of Political Science; as well as the Department of Society and Globalisation at Roskilde University, gathered a number of experts together in Copenhagen on Thursday 16 April 2015 to discuss the legal and political ramifications of a UK decision to leave the European Union.

The speakers included:

  • Adam Lazowski, Professor of EU Law, University of Westminster

  • Claus Grube, Ambassador of Denmark to the United Kingdom

  • Dirk Leuffen, Professor of Political Science and International Politics, University of Konstanz

  • Graham Butler, PhD Fellow, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

  • Holly Snaith, Assistant Professor, Centre for European Politics, University of Copenhagen

  • Mads Dagnis Jensen, Associate Professor, Department of Society and Globalisation, Roskilde University

  • Maja Kluger Rasmussen, Senior Analyst, Think Tank Europa

  • Paul James Cardwell, Reader in EU External Relations Law, School of Law, University of Sheffield

  • Paul Taggart, Professor of Politics, University of Sussex

  • Rebecca Adler-Nissen, Associate Professor, Centre for European Politics, University of Copenhagen

  • Tim Oliver, Dahrendorf Fellow, London School of Economics and Political Science

Support for the conference was made possible through the support from European Research at the University of Copenhagen (EURECO). For more information, please contact Graham Butler (graham.butler@jur.ku.dk), Holly Snaith (hs@ifs.ku.dk) and Mads Dagnis Jensen (mcjensen@ruc.dk).