26 June 2019

Prolongation of CECS as of June 1st 2019 for the period from 2019-2024

The Centre was first established as a centre in 2008 and prolonged for a five-year period in 2013. After a reapplication followed by an external evaluation by an international committee the dean of the Law Faculty has prolonged CECS (Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies) from June 1st, 2019.

The research focus of the next period is Challenges and Changes – European and Comparative Perspectives.

The evaluation committee The evaluation committee consisting of Professors Leonard F.M. Besselink, University of Amsterdam, Christine Bell, University of Edinburgh and Reza Banakar, Lund University, sums up its assessment in the report as follows:

With a relatively small body of fulltime research staff operating as the core of the Centre, the quality and quantity of research activities is admirable. This is all the more the case given some external circumstances in which the Centre and its staff have had to operate. The Centre’s staff have acquired an international reputation.