18 September 2019

New visitor at CECS - Pan Fangfang

Pan FangfangPan Fangfang is a Ph.D candidate in the Institute of Human Rights at the China University of Political Science and Law. Her research project is "The challenges to human rights posed by the development and application of intelligent decision-making technology", which is intended to study the issue of human rights infringement that may result from the widespread use of intelligent decision-making techniques. Before joining legal research, Pan Fangfang participated in several projects of the mentor on the protection of human rights of specific groups at the CUPL, and studied how to safeguard the interests of women, children and the elderly from the aspects of perfection of civil law, and has been internship for half a year at the China Youth Research Center.

Pan Fangfang will be staying at Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies for one year under the supervision of Professor, Head of CECS Hanne Petersen.