13 May 2019

New Visitor at CECS - Nicole Stybnarova

Nicole StybnarovaBio:

Nicole Stybnarova is based in the University of Helsinki as a PhD. fellow. Her project entitled: ‚‚Recognition of a personal status under Private International Law and Migration Law – historical reconstructive critical approach’’, presents an intersection between Private International Law and Migration Law. Prior to joining legal research, Nicole worked in the field of Migration Law for 4 years, including a work in diplomatic services of Czech Republic in Denmark. She takes part in international research projects, such as the CUREDI project of the Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology, where she contributes as a national correspondent for the Czech Republic, or ‚‚Young PIL Scholar’’ – a joint comparative project of the University in Bonn and University in Gratz. She is teaching and coordinating a course entitled Migration Law and Human rights.

She will be staying in the CECS for 6 weeks as a part of the LERU research programme scheme under the supervision of prof. Hanne Petersen.