23 October 2019

New visitor at CECS - Erika Miyamoto

Erika MiyamotoErika Miyamoto is based in the University of Barcelona as a PhD candidate. Her research project is 'Comfort Women and Sexual Slavery in International Law: Seeking Justice for Comfort Women', which analyses international legal framework concerning sexual slavery and assesses the legal issues in practical cases related to comfort women, in order to seek the way to deliver justice for comfort women. She also conducted her research in the Leiden Law School in Netherland as a visiting researcher. Prior to starting her project, Erika worked as a LexisNexis Student Associate in the LexisNexis Online Services in the University of Glasgow in the UK, where she assisted law students in their use of the essential legal research services, while studying for an LLM degree in international law in the same university. Erika also worked for the Tamachuo law office in Tokyo, Japan, as a legal trainee for a year.

She will be staying in the CECS for 4 weeks as a part of the LERU research programme scheme.