16 October 2018

Helle Krunke and Ulla Neergaard have contributed to a new book on EU law in Denmark

new book “EU-retten i Danmark” The book is an anthology in Danish discussing the central questions of EU law in a Danish context. It contains a systematic analysis of how EU law is implemented and applied in Denmark.

The first part of the book discusses the framework of the Danish membership including the Constitution’s Article 20 and the four opt-outs. The second part of the book discusses the Danish participation in the EU. The book’s third part analyses how EU-law is implemented in Denmark. The fourth part discusses how the fundamental principles of EU law are applied in Danish law, including the possibilities of a preliminary ruling of questions concerning the fundamental principles.

The book includes discussions of a vast number of case law that concerns the effect of EU law in Denmark, including the Ajos case and the development of the Danish exceptions.

For more information on the book visit: https://www.djoef-forlag.dk/book-info/eu-retten-i-danmark