09 March 2017

EU law or national law? Butler on Radio24syv to discuss CJEU judgment

Visiting Assistant Professor at the Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies, Graham Butler, spoke on Tuesday 7 March 2017 on Datolinjen (Radio24syv), regarding a new Grand Chamber judgment at the Court of Justice of the European Union on the EU Visa Code, and whether certain matters were covered by European Union law, or by national law.

In the Court’s judgment in X and X v. État belge (Case C-638/16 PPU) dealing with third-country nationals applying for a short-stay visa for a specific EU Member State, with the ultimate aim of applying for asylum, the Court decided that it was not within the remit of Union law to mandate EU Member States to issue humanitarian visas. As such, it said that Member States continued to have discretion on the issuance of long-term visas and residency permits, given that the EU legislature to date had not adapted any common measures pursuant to the EU Treaties.

You can hear Graham Butler discuss the case and its implications on Datolinjen with Anne Sofie Allarp on the Radio24syv website here.

For more on Graham Butler’s research on European Union law, see his profile at Aarhus University here where he is Assistant Professor of Law, and at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen here, where he is a Visiting Assistant Professor.