04 September 2017

Katarina Hovden joins CECS as PhD Fellow

Katarina Hovden has joined the Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies at the Faculty of Law as a PhD candidate to pursue her research project on “Taking Rights of Nature and Human Rights Seriously: On Balancing Rights of Nature and Human Rights in an Earth-centred Legal Paradigm”. Katarina’s research will explore the rights of nature-human rights interface under the supervision of Professor Helle Krunke.

It will (i) employ a doctrinal legal method to assess how rights of nature and human rights are to be balanced in existing rights of nature laws (and respective legal systems) and (ii) build on theoretical scholarship by developing a systems theory approach to balancing rights of nature and human rights in an Earth-centred legal paradigm, in a manner that respects both the rights of nature and human rights while according primacy to the sustainability (i.e. survivability) of the biosphere and its ecological systems.

Katarina graduated with a BA (Honours) in Law from the University of Cambridge, where she took particular interest in European human rights law and European environmental law. Subsequently, Katarina obtained an LL.M. in International and European Law (public international law track), electing to focus on international environmental law, international climate law, and international human rights law.

At the same time, Katarina was a student editor for, and subsequently published in, the Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts. Following her graduation, Katarina worked as a research trainee at the T.M.C. Asser Institute and later as a diplomatic trainee at the Norwegian Embassy in The Hague. Katarina is a volunteer for the NGO Nature’s Rights and acted as conference coordinator for the rights of nature conference held at the European Parliament in March this year. Most recently, Katarina was a legal intern at the International Seabed Authority in Kingston, Jamaica.