02 August 2017

Butler publishes chapter on EU diplomatic law in OUP book

Visiting Assistant Professor at the Centre for European and Comparative Legal StudiesGraham Butler, has published a new book chapter in Diplomatic Law in a New Millennium, published by Oxford University Press on ‘The European Union and Diplomatic Law: An Emerging Actor in Twenty-First Century Diplomacy’.

The chapter explores the legal framework of which the European Union avails in its role as a diplomatic actor. The EU is con­tinuously pursuing a more distinctive foreign policy with its own global ambi­tions, and with every internal treaty revision, it begins to look more and more like a State of its own, with a permanent diplomatic corps to service its needs. Externally, official international diplomacy now extends beyond the strict observa­tions contained within the VCDR and is conducted by international organizations and non- State actors such as the EU, which the Convention does not specifically cater for. International diplomatic law limits the role of diplomatic actors to States, yet non- States now take part in diplomacy around the world. With great ambi­tion, questions now arise from how the EU uses and embeds existing international law for diplomatic activity given it is not a State. Its unique status as an enhanced international organization, in full knowledge of the State-centric nature of inter­national diplomatic law, makes for a worthy case to analyse.

You can read more, and access the chapter, ‘The European Union and Diplomatic Law: An Emerging Actor in Twenty-First Century Diplomacy’ published in Diplomatic Law in a New Millennium by Oxford University Press here.

For more on Graham Butler’s research on European Union law, see his profile at Aarhus University here where he is Assistant Professor of Law, and at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen here, where he is a Visiting Assistant Professor.