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CECS Lunch seminar with Cristina Fasone

Law, Politics and Parliaments in the Digital Era

The ICT revolution has prompted enhanced openness and accessibility to institutional activity. However, increased transparency can affect the traditional way governmental and parliamentary deliberation takes place and how sensitive information are treated, in particular when issues concerning privacy and security are at stake. While technological developments are providing Parliaments with new avenues to re-connect their role to the instances of citizens and civil society, tools of e-democracy and transparency at any cost might not be necessarily desirable for the effective functioning of legislatures, as they can be easily misused. The presentation will deal with the legal and political constraints and avenues to reconcile democratic representation with instruments of participatory and direct democracy that make use of the Internet.

Cristina  Fasone  is   Assistant  Professor  of  Comparative  Public  Law  at  LUISS  Guido  Carli University  of  Rome,  Department  of  Political  Science,  and  holder  of  a  Jean  Monnet  Module  on "Parliamentary  accountability  and  technical  expertise:  budgetary  powers,  information  and communication technologies and elections at LUISS School of Government". She  has  been  a  Max  Weber  Postdoctoral  Fellow,  EUI,  Florence,  and  Visiting  Scholar  at  the Victoria University of Wellington, at Georgetown Law Center (Washington D.C.), at Uppsala University and at Complutense University of Madrid. Her research focuses on parliaments and Constitutional Courts in the EU and in the Eurozone crisis, parliamentary committee systems and forms of government, Internet and democratic representation, and national and EU budgets and budgetary powers.

University webpage: http://docenti.luiss.it/fasone/ 

All interested are welcome. Sandwich will be served.

All inquiries should be addressed to Lilli Streymnes at Lilli.Streymnes@jur.ku.dk