Solidarity in Europe in the Shadow of Covid-19?

The webinar will reflect upon the role of solidarity and EU law during the first year of the COVID-19 crisis. As ‘solidarity’ may by some be viewed as a ‘weasel word’, the aim is - simply and in a balanced manner – to analyse to what degree solidarity may have been present or lacking, under the assumption that activity/passivity respectively can be considered as indicators thereof. In other words, the intention is to discuss to what degree it is detectable that whatever is necessary to support Europeans and the European economy has been or will be done, as it has been promised by EU Commission President  von der Leyen, and that “… the truth is… that Europe has now become the world’s beating heart of solidarity”. More precisely, a bird’s eye view will be taken with a focus on three of the most pertinent, ultimately interrelated, dimensions: the presence of solidarity with regard to the health dimension, the economic dimension, and the rule of law dimension. This will reflect that the handling of the present crisis essentially takes place in three rather different respects, namely the saving of lives, the saving of economies, and the saving of essential democratic values and rights.

Speaker bios

Sybe de Vries
Sybe de Vries is Full Professor of Public Economic Law at the Europa Institute of Utrecht University. His research and his education focuses on EU Single market law, the Digital Single Market, and the interconnection between EU free movement law, fundamental rights and public interests, including environmental, health, consumer and cultural interests. Sybe is part of the Management Team of the Utrecht Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe (Renforce): Sybe is a honorary judge at the District Court of Rotterdam. He is also a board member of the Netherlands Association for European Law and of the editorial boards of the Journal for European and Economic law (SEW) and the Netherlands journal for Human Rights (NTM/NJCM-bulletin).

 Ulla Neergaard
Ulla Neergaard is Full Professor of EU Law at the University of Copenhagen and publishes widely within that area of law. She also has substantial experience in senior non-executive roles in the public sector in Denmark. She was formerly chair of a prominent EU wide legal professional institution (FIDE), which coordinates expert input on significant issues of EU Law. Ulla Neergaard is responsible of many of the EU-law courses (BA and MA) at the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen, which mainly focus on the internal market. She is part of the Management Team of the research centre, CECS, at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. See further

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