CECS seminar series: Global, European, constitutional and legal cultural perspectives on pandemics / Covid19 - SPRING 2021

The 21st century has faced a number of common crises for humanity and the world. With this seminar series, CECS (Centre for European, Comparative and Legal Studies) at the Faculty of Law, UCPH, aims to address some of the consequences of the present pandemic and its challenges to law, legal studies and legal cultures.

CECS has invited scholars (cum practitioners) who have a special insight in the field, several of whom have published or edited books or volumes at an early stage. – We hope to share their insights and reflections on how issues of regulation, order, conflict and normativity are  addressed and tested and what consequences this may lead to for knowledge in this field.

The seminar series will take place online on the following dates:

Thursday 4 March 2021: Corona and Constitutionalism

Wednesday 24 March 2021: Corona Normativities and the Healing of Societies

Thursday 15 April 2021: COVID19 and Constitutional Law in a Global Perspective 

Wednesday 12 May 2021: Solidarity in Europe in the Shadow of Covid-19? - Postponed until 1 July 2021

Wednesday 23 June 2021: Perspectives from Northern and Southern Europe

Thursday 1 July 2021: Solidarity in Europe in the Shadow of Covid19?