CECS lunch seminar with Stina Soewarta

Stina Soewarta, Head of European Commissoin Representation Copenhagen (since 2016) will give a talk on

EU elections in BREXIT times - a reconstitution of Europe?

Brexit has been an eye-opener in several ways. Firstly the way the political rhetoric in the UK clashes with the legal system build over 6 decades in Europe. Secondly the way lawyers have been able to express the political will of the Brexit negotiations in a treaty – and how this again have clashed with the political rhetoric in the UK. Lastly it has shown that extracting itself from a supra-national legal system is more complicated than most people (perhaps apart from lawyers) would have thought. It has led to more appreciation of the European Union and a more knowledge on the rights it confers.

The elections in 2019 are only the first step in a possible reconstitution of Europe. After a new European Parliament, a new President of the European Council, a new President of the European Commission and a new European Commission. No matter who is elected into the European Parliament, the challenges will not go away. But how they are dealt with will obviously depend on what majority can be found in the European Parliament and who the national Governments will nominate as European Commissioners.

How will Brexit influence the European elections? Can we expect a complete reset and reconstitution of Europe after the elections? Or rather, how will the newly elected European politicians deal with the challenges? Most parties now support a change, not a breakdown of the European Union, and the long-term budget, immigration and climate change will have to be dealt with no matter who is elected and nominated.

Lawyers have always been important in the formation and development in the European Union, and this will not change after the elections – but this will also require new understandings of Europe.

Biographical information:

Ms Soewarta, who has a law degree from UCPH, started her career in the departments of two Danish Ministries: the Ministries of Agriculture in 1993 and Foreign Affairs in 1996. She first joined the European Commission in 1998 becoming a Member of the private office of the Commissioner for Environment, Ritt Bjerregaard (1995-1999). In 1999, Ms Soewarta went on to the Permanent Representation of Denmark to the EU as a First Secretary. Later, she worked as Policy Adviser for a political group (ALDE) in the European Parliament, specialising in economic and monetary policies. In 2004, Ms Soewarta took up the position as a Member and, later, Deputy Head of Cabinet of the Commissioner for Energy, Andris Piebalgs (2004-2010) and remained in Commissioner Piebalgs' team during a part of his subsequent mandate as Commissioner for Development. From 2012 – 2016 Ms Soewarta was Head of Unit for Communication in the Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO), designing and overseeing communication campaigns including the European Year for Development in 2015.


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