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14 May 2018

CeBIL Director visits the Universities of Cambridge & Southampton

CeBIL Director Timo Minssen visits Cambridge University from the 13th to the 15th of May to meet with the PHG foundation and to discuss CeBIL’s collaboration with Cambridge’s Center for Law, Medicine & Life Sciences. Special focus will be laid on the planning of an collaborative AI event on “Regulating algorithms” and the upcoming CeBIL symposium, both taking place at Cambridge University in September 2018.

Timo will also speak on “Fair Data Sharing & Data Caring in the Digitalised Era: Aspirations, Realities and Legal Clashes in the Health and Life Sciences” at Southampton University event“Big Data and Healthcare” on the 16th of May.

The event is organized by Southampton’sinterdisciplinary core on Law, Internet and Culture,iCLIC, in collaboration with Southampton’s research center on Health Ethics and Law, HEAL, and the Insurance Group. The event will explore the use of big data within healthcare, how big data is affecting health and life sciences and how insurance companies are changing their ways in light of the use of big data.

Further information on iCLIC’s “Big Data & Healthcare” is available here.