18 January 2022

New visitor at CeBIL - Christian Günther

Christian Günther is a doctoral candidate at the Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy. His dissertation project is a comparative analysis that evaluates how the protections afforded to patient autonomy under English and American law can be applied to the use of artificial intelligence in medicine. Towards this end it explores the nature of the autonomy concept in both jurisdictions, relating them to bioethical understandings of this value and identifying shared autonomy challenges that are posed by the clinical uses of this technology. Using these concepts as standards of assessment, the legal analysis then focuses specifically on three areas: the law of informed consent, the statutory regulation of patient privacy and the fundamental privacy rights afforded to individuals.

Before commencing his dissertation project Christian completed a Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence at the University of Oxford and a Master of Arts in Philosophy at King’s College London. His wider research interests lie in the fields of medical law and digitalisation, the ethics and politics of science and technology, legal philosophy and British social law.