3 February 2021

Zainab Afshan Sheikh – New Postdoc

Zainab earned her PhD from the Faculty of Health at the University of Copenhagen, where she also obtained her degree in Public Health. Her PhD thesis investigated the practices and encounters involved in collecting blood samples, clinical tests, family histories, and other personal information among population groups in Pakistan for international genomics research.

Zainab joins CeBIL as a postdoctoral researcher, working on a project funded by the Research Council of Norway titled ‘Towards better computational approaches and responsible innovation strategies in early drug discovery: application to antibiotics and COPD’ (RESPOND3). She will work on responsible research and innovation in early digital drug discovery (PI: Associate Professor Helen Yu), which is a natural extension of her research into inclusive engagement of stakeholders in the research process. 

Zainab will help develop a stakeholder engagement framework, which will include interviews with patients, researchers, industry, and policy makers, to better align research objectives, processes and outcomes in drug discovery and development with societal needs and expectations.