22 May 2021

Kick-off of the REPACT Project

As CeBIL, we are thrilled to announce the kick-off of the REPACT project, which will conduct empirical, social science and legal studies on the role of neglected populations in clinical trials. Age & ethnicity are important factors when testing the safety & efficacy of new drugs. Yet, ethical, scientific or economic challenges may lead to underrepresentation of some populations in clinical trials. REPACT is a new collaboration between the Lægemiddelstyrelsen (Danish Medicines Agency)'s Data Analytics Center (DAC) & the Center for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law (CeBIL / CeBIL Copenhagen) at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law. REPACT aims to develop data driven & scalable methods for identifying neglected populations & assess whether we have the regulatory framework to support solutions addressing the neglect. REPACT is generously supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark. The DAC and CeBIL will employ Jakob Wested on the project for the next 3 years with the collaborative support of Elisabeth Penninga, Stine Mogensen, Andreas Høiberg Bentsen as "agency mentors" & CeBIL Director Timo Minssen as "research mentor".

See the link below for a brief description of the project: