1 December 2020

CeBIL hosts international meeting on AMR Social Science on December 1st, 2020

On December 1st, INAMRSS Acting Chair, Timo Minssen, will organize the next virtual INAMRSS meeting at CeBIL. The aim of the meeting is to discuss various suggestions and ideas for the group’s overall direction for 2021, in order to secure a structured path for INARMSS, going forward.

The International Network for AMR Social Science (INAMRSS) is an open consortium of international academic centers focused on social science research and policy on antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
INAMRSS was created to coordinate academic input from social scientists for the Global AMR R&D Hub and functions as a network of networks in order to promote international research collaboration, by tying together research leaders from both regional, national and international AMR research centers.

INAMRSS is led by Professor Steven J. Hoffman, Professor Clare Chandler, Professor Timo Minssen and Professor Kevin Outterson.

Find out more about INAMRSS here: https://www.globalstrategylab.org/about-us/inamrss