30 June 2020

Annika Frida Petersen – New Postdoc

Annika Frida Petersen joins CeBIL. 

​Annika Frida Petersen has written a PhD thesis at the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen, where she also obtained her law degrees. The PhD thesis analyses the structural stigmatization of mental illness within the Danish health system from a human rights perspective focusing especially on disability rights. The thesis will be defended by the end of august 2020.

Annika has previously worked in both the private and the public sector in areas such as insurance law, legal aid, legal information and criminal law. Annika has taught bachelor courses in both criminal law and human rights law before being enrolled as a PhD-fellow. During the postdoc Annika will be teaching courses in health law and human rights law (fundamental rights of the individual).

 Annika will be a postdoctoral researcher at CeBIL on the project 'Technologies of Death and Dying at the Beginning of Life'. Annikas' research will take a closer look at decisions from the Danish regional abortion councils regarding late-term abortions. Annika will analyze decisions from the abortion councils that have never previously been made available to researchers or the public. The research will also be based on and nuanced by interviews with abortion council members. The aim is to bring transparency to how applications on late-term abortions are evaluated by the abortion councils and how decision regarding late-term abortion unfold in practice and the perspectives that these practices give rise to regarding disability rights and stigma.