11 February 2020

Planning grant for collaborative AMR research project

We are excited to announce that a research proposal led by our core partners at the Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences at the University of Cambridge, in collaboration with GSL, CeBIL and Boston University has recently been awarLogos of Universitiesded funding from the University of Cambridge in the amount of £100,000.

The funds were established to support international research partnerships that address important social challenges. One of these, which is at the core of our research at CeBIL, is antimicrobial resistance. The collaboration will conduct research to address the collective action problem in antimicrobial resistance and will focus on learning from past successes and failures to manage common-pool resources. 

Read more at: https://www.globalstrategylab.org/news/planning-grant-for-collaborative-amr-research-project-awarded-to-university-of-cambridge-gsl-partnership