17 June 2019

New Visitor at CeBIL - Marcos Torres

17-28 June 2019

Marcos Torres is a PhD candidate at University Jean  Moulin Lyon 3, France. He is writing his PhD thesis on same-sex couples’ rights in private international law, under the supervision of Professor Hugues FULCHIRON. His thesis focuses on the different effects of marriages and civil partnerships between same-sex spouses or partners, as well as the legal relationship between the couple and their children. He did part of the research for his thesis in Beijing and Geneve. Marcos Torres already holds a position as a professor on civil law and private international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He is an experienced lawyer and has worked for two years for a national commission on human rights and sexual diversity of the Brazilian Bar Association.

During his research at  CeBIL, Marcos Torres will focus on same-sex couples’ access to medically assisted reproduction. He also plans to visit MAR clinics and LGBTI+ rights associations in Copenhagen to collect in loco information on how such an advanced model for MAR as the danish system can be used as a reference.