7 October 2019

CeBIL researchers publish Nature Biotech piece

Hot off the Nature Biotech press and available at :

How does emerging patent case law in the US and Europe affect precision medicine? How does today’s patent law apply to tomorrow's innovation in the areas of biomarkers and nature-based products, diagnostics, algorithms, big data and AI? Precision medicine has stirred the excitement of patients, physicians, industry, entrepreneurs & investors. It is a rapidly growing market already worth tens of billions of dollars. The future of precision medicine depends on how recent scientific advances can be implemented and reach patients. In that regard, the intellectual property frameworks that apply to its various forms also need to be carefully considered. In order to chart one segment of this future, we compare recent patent case law in the US & Europe in three areas of precision medicine: (1) biomarkers and nature-based products; (2) diagnostics; and (3) algorithms, big data, and AI. Building upon our previous research we explain how today’s law applies to tomorrow’s innovation.

Check it out in our recent Nature Biotech piece with Mateo Aboy and our CeBIL core partners at LML and the Petrie-Flom Center at Harvard University.