07 June 2019

CeBIL director gives “5 Points Lecture” at New York Genome Center


On Tuesday, June 18th, Timo Minssen will give the “Five Points Lecture” on “Regulating the Promises and Perils of Gene Editing Technologies – What Are Our Options?“ at the New York Genome Center. CeBIL’s Permanent Visiting Professor Jacob S. Sherkow (NY Law School) will be the moderator.  The Five Points lecture series bring leading scientists from around the world for an in-depth discussion of their work with students, researchers and clinicians from the New York Genome Center, its member institutions, and others in the medical/scientific community. While Five Points lectures are free and open to the general public, these lectures are most beneficial to scientists, clinicians and researchers who wish to accelerate their research through the use of DNA sequencing technology and bioinformatics.  

More info: https://www.nygenome.org/event-calendar/timo-minssen-jur-dr-ll-m-m-i-c-l/

portrait of professor jacob sherkow