Abstracts – University of Copenhagen

Abstracts - Innovation Gaps on Life Science Frontiers? From Antimicrobial Resistance & the Bad Bugs to New Uses, AI & the Black Box

Professor, CeBIL Managing Director Timo Minssen, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

Programme Manager Lars Torup, the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Principal Investigator, Senior Lecturer, Director Kathy Liddell, Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences, University of Cambridge

Principal Investigator Aaron S. Kesselheim, PORTAL, Harvard Medical School, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston

Special CeBIL Advisor & Professor and Director of Carb-x Kevin Outterson, Boston University/CARB-X

CeBIL Research assistant Jakob Wested, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

Special CeBIL Advisor Birthe Byskov Holm, President of the Danish rare disease alliance (Rare Disorders Denmark); EURORDIS, Board of Directors

Professor, Petri-Flom Centre Director, I. Glenn Cohen, Petri-Flom Centre, Harvard Law School (US)

Ass. Professor William Nicholson Price, University of Michigan: Introduction to drug-manufacturing study

Ass. Professor Jacob Sherkow, New York Law School and Visiting Scholar at Columbia University & Stanford University

Philomathia Post-doctoral Research Associate John Liddicoat, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge (UK)

Ass. Professor Ben Roin, MIT Sloan School of Business

Professor Mateo Aboy, University of Cambridge, Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech): Myriad’s Impact on Gene Patents: Lessons to be learned from empirical studies

Professor Marcel Bogers, IFRO, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen (DK): Introduction to the Synergy Study

Professor, Chief Economist Yann Ménière, the European Patent Office (EPO), Munich

Ass. Professor Keyvan Vakili, London Business School: The role of management in biomedical innovation

Director of Open Innovation Niclas Nilsson, Leo Pharma: Developing better medicine with new collaborations models in the pharmaceutical industry

Assoc. Director IP Policy Patent Operations Lead Elise Melon, UCB