Cancelled: Health pandemics and IP rights: a blessing or a curse for access?

Billede af vacciner

Course description

COVID-19 provides a very good template for what we can expect to happen in case of health pandemics in relation to the development of new therapeutics and vaccines. The COVID-19 crisis has led to massive public R&D investments into the development of therapeutics and vaccines, further innovation incentives in the form of Advanced Purchase Agreements (APAs), and a structural use by life science companies of patents, trade secrets and data and market exclusivity, with a view to solidify proprietary positions in the much-needed medical innovations.

This course updates you on which therapeutics and vaccines are and will be protected by intellectual property (IP) rights and data exclusivity and which pandemic related technologies we can reasonably expect to see protected in the (near) future. It will further critically discuss the generous public R&D funding as an innovation push incentive and the use of APAs as an innovation pull incentive.

Finally, the course will provide critical insight into how other legal and policy frameworks can impact the exercise of these exclusive rights and the use of innovation incentives to influence access to these medical technologies.  Based on the current challenges associated with global access to much needed vaccines and therapeutics, we need a basis to understand what it means for health care systems and national budgets to achieve a better balance between public, private, and individual interests.





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